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    Coleman Audio QS8

    Master Monitor Controller

    Monitor controllers aren’t just glorified volume knobs, as this latest offering from Coleman shows...

    Reviews Jan 2012
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    SE Electronics Munro Egg 150

    Monitoring System

    SE Electronics have enlisted the help of renowned acoustician Andy Munro to design these striking studio monitors. Does their unique approach to speaker design pay off in the real world?

    Reviews Jan 2012
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    Sony MDR 7520

    Studio Headphones

    Sony’s MDR range of closed‑back cans has been popular in studios for years, and now includes a new flagship model.

    Reviews Jan 2012
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    Phonak Audéo PFE232

    Dual-driver In‑ear Monitors

    Boasting two custom drivers, are Phonak’s new universal IEMs the best monitoring solution for mixing on the move?

    Reviews Jan 2012
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