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Monitors / Monitoring

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    64audio Nio

    In-ear Monitors

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    Monitor Controller

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    KEF LS50 Wireless

    Active Monitors

    Although primarily a hi-fi brand, KEF have strong links to some classic monitor designs — and in this new compact speaker, it shows...

    Reviews Jan 2018
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    Apple Airpods

    Wireless Headphones

    AirPods are essentially wireless versions of Apple’s wired EarPods. But how well do they work with music apps on an iPhone or iPad, specifically in terms of latency?

    Reviews Jan 2018
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    Q. When replacing a broken speaker should it be ‘matched’ to my existing one?

    I have a set of three-year old PreSonus Eris monitors, one of which has just died. I sent it back to PreSonus to be repaired...

    Sound Advice Jan 2018


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