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Monitors / Monitoring

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    64audio Nio

    In-ear Monitors

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    Monitor Controller

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    ADAM S2.5A

    Active Studio Monitor

    Two-way nearfield monitors with cutting-edge ribbon tweeter technology.

    Reviews Jun 2003
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    Tascam DSM7.1

    Digital Surround Monitor Controller

    A professional surround monitoring controller for a variety of speaker configurations up to 7.1

    Reviews May 2003
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    Yamaha MSP10 Studio

    Powered Monitors

    Yamaha's newest powered monitors deliver a solid and detailed performance, even at high playback levels.

    Reviews May 2003
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    Earthworks Sigma 6.2

    Time-coherent Reference Monitors

    Earthworks are already world-renowned for the fidelity of their microphones and preamps, and now their studio monitors are setting a benchmark for reference quality.

    Reviews Apr 2003
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    Tannoy Ellipse

    Active Nearfield Monitor

    A striking monitor from Tannoy couples a revitalised dual-concentric driver design with a new Supertweeter, providing increased resolution for 24-bit/96kHz playback.

    Reviews Mar 2003
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    Blue Sky System One

    Active Surround Monitoring with Bass Management

    Blue Sky's new active studio monitors use cutting-edge cone technology and closed-box speaker loading for improved performance.

    Reviews Feb 2003
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    PMC DB1S

    Miniature Nearfield Monitor

    Introducing the world's smallest transmission-line speaker.

    Reviews Jan 2003
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    If you want to investigate surround sound without investing in a high-quality 5.1 monitoring system at this early stage, the MJ Acoustics solution may well provide an ideal stepping stone.

    MJ Acoustics Pro Cinema 1 & Pro 50

    Passive Surround Monitor System & Active Subwoofer

    Looking to experiment with surround sound but on a tight budget? This new system could provide the opportunity you've been looking for.

    Reviews Dec 2002
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    Q & A December 2012

    Your Technical Questions Answered

    Can you advise on the powering and positioning of Behringer's Truth monitors? How can I control proximity effect? Why do speaker stands have spikes? Will Steinberg's Virtual Guitarist run on my PC? Will replacing my carpet with laminate affect the acoustics? Can you recommend a second-hand sampler with a floppy drive? How can I get broadcast masters to sound louder?

    Sound Advice Dec 2002
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    Klein+Hummel O 100 & O 800

    Active Monitors & Subwoofer

    A versatile and cost-effective modular system which can cater for stereo and surround monitoring in both nearfield and midfield applications.

    Reviews Nov 2002
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    EMES Pink TV

    Active Monitors

    This pair of nearfields from EMES offer precision monitoring for small rooms.

    Reviews Oct 2002
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    Dynaudio Acoustics Air Series

    Integrated Digital Loudspeaker System

    Dynaudio Acoustics use cutting-edge digital signal processing, developed with TC Electronic, to increase the fidelity of their existing driver technology.

    Reviews Sep 2002
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    Alesis M1 Active MkII

    Active Nearfield Monitors

    Alesis update their cost-effective nearfields.

    Reviews Aug 2002
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    B&W DM602 S3

    Passive Monitors

    Passive nearfields from B&W, designed to balance the needs of both project-studio and hi-fi listening.

    Reviews Jul 2002
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    Fujitsu Ten Eclipse

    TD512 & A502 Nearfield Monitor & Stereo Amplifier

    Cutting-edge technology, incredible dynamics, but is it really a studio monitor?

    Reviews Jun 2002
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    Sennheiser HD600

    Open-backed Headphones

    We check out Sennheiser's flagship open-backed headphones, compensated to make them sound more like speakers.

    Reviews Jun 2002
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    Mackie HR624

    Active Studio Monitors

    Finally the HR824 has a little brother and, like most little brothers, this one has both attitude and confidence!

    Reviews May 2002
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    Sony MDR7506 & MDR7509

    Monitor Headphones

    We test two pairs of high-quality closed-back headphones for discerning studio users.

    Reviews May 2002
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    KRK V4

    Active Studio Monitor

    This active nearfield monitor offers stunning audio performance from its extremely compact cabinet dimensions.

    Reviews Apr 2002
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    Sennheiser HD250 Linear II

    Closed-back Headphones

    These Sennheiser headphones combine high sound quality with comfortable design.

    Reviews Apr 2002
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    Yamaha MSP3

    Powered Monitor Speaker

    Does this affordable powered speaker from Yamaha have what it takes to handle project studio mixing?

    Reviews Mar 2002


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