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    Q. Can I get a more accurate bass sound using a subwoofer?

    What are your opinions on having a subwoofer in the studio? I recently demoed the Blue Sky Media Desk 2.1 system and I was very impressed by its quality and its price...

    Sound Advice Nov 2004
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    Q. What kind of stands are best for mounting monitors?

    Is it best to use table-top stands, floor stands or wall brackets to mount my speakers? I have Mackie HR624s, which are not ported, so does it matter if they're positioned close to the wall? SOS Forum Post

    Sound Advice Oct 2004
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    Q. What's the difference between ported and un-ported monitors?

    I'd like to know more about the difference between monitor designs that feature ports and those that do not. How do they differ in terms of sound and performance?

    Sound Advice Jun 2004
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    Q. Do I really need some 'grot box' speakers?

    I understand the benefit of having 'limited-range' monitors alongside full-range monitors so that you can hear what your mixes will sound like on small domestic hi-fi systems. But what advantage is there in buying these monitors for £250, when a cheap pair of hi-fi speakers can cost as little as £30?

    Sound Advice Jun 2004
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    Q. Where should I put my monitors?

    How much distance should there be between my monitors and should they face straight forward or be angled toward the listener? Also, as my monitors will be placed against a wall, should some acoustic foam be placed directly behind or between them?

    Sound Advice May 2004
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    Q. Where should I put my subwoofer?

    I want to add a subwoofer to my monitoring system, but how do I work out where to place it in the room?

    Sound Advice Apr 2004
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    Q. What kind of headphones are right for me?

    I'm considering the purchase of two sets of headphones: the AKG K240DF (flat response) for mixing, and the K271 (coloured response) for musicians to wear when monitoring their own signal, giving them the best sound for inspiration and encouragement. Would these models be suitable for these applications?

    Sound Advice Apr 2004
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    Q. Why does my track seem slower when I listen on headphones?

    I produce electronic dance music. Much of the time I work with headphones on, to help me focus on detailed sounds in repetitive loops. However, I often notice that when I switch to listening on speakers (to check the actual mix and so on) the track seems a bit faster. What could be the cause?

    Sound Advice Feb 2004
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