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    JBL 306P MkII

    Active Studio Monitors

    The 306P MkII is an affordable two-way active design that aims to combine accuracy, low-frequency extension, and reasonably high SPL capability.

    Reviews Jul 2019
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    JBL Series 104 Monitors - NAMM 2019

    JBL announce their Series 104 portable monitors for musicians and mixers on the go offering 30W output...

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    JBL 7 Series

    Active Monitors

    If you’re looking for a monitor that goes loud and low, and has excellent high-frequency performance, JBL’s new range might just fit the bill.

    Reviews Feb 2018
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    AES 2017: JBL 7 Series powered monitors (Video)

    JBL Pro 7 Series powered monitors shipping now

    Harman were demoing their JBL Professional 7 Series powered monitors at the AES Convention this week, and...

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    JBL LSR305 & LSR308

    Active Monitors

    JBL’s new LSR3 series brings technology from the company’s premium monitor range within reach of the home studio.

    Reviews Feb 2014
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    JBL PRX615M

    Active Monitor & PA Speaker

    Using advanced DSP and squeezing a 15‑inch driver into a compact cabinet, JBL’s lightweight PA promises convenience, volume and clarity in abundance.

    Reviews Aug 2011
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    JBL LSR 2300

    Monitor Speakers

    JBL have a reputation for clinically precise monitors, but this time theyve come up with something a little smoother...

    Reviews Nov 2009
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    JBL LSR4328P

    Auto-EQ Active Studio Monitors

    These active monitors can automatically EQ their frequency response to compensate for your room acoustics. But how effective is this technology in practice?

    Reviews Apr 2006
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    JBL LSR6328 & LSR6312

    Active Monitors & Subwoofer

    JBL's new monitors incorporate Room Mode Correction technology which claims to be able to reduce the bass problems caused by standing waves at the listening position. But does it really work in practice?

    Reviews May 2005
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    JBL LSR25P

    Active Monitors

    The latest addition to JBL's LSR series of monitor speakers is a small nearfield two-way active system. Hugh Robjohns lends them his ears.

    Reviews May 2000
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    JBL LSR28P

    Bi-amplified Monitor Loudspeaker

    JBL's latest active two-way reference loudspeaker system has been derived from their impressive LSR32 range-topper.

    Reviews Apr 1999
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    JBL LSR32

    Midfield Monitors

    JBL's new studio monitor system, the LS32, represents a radical departure in their approach to the design and technology of loudspeakers. Hugh Robjohns lends them his ears...

    Reviews Oct 1998
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    JBL 6208

    Bi-amplified Reference Monitor

    Active monitors are all the rage in the project studio market at the moment. Hugh Robjohns checks out a weighty contender from American loudspeaker giant JBL.

    Reviews Mar 1998
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