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    Kali Audio IN-5

    Kali Audio unveil IN-5 compact three-way monitor

    Improved coincident HF/MF driver & 12dB lower self-noise

    New three-way monitor sports an enhanced version of Kali Audio's high-performance dual-coincident HF/MF driver.

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    Kali Audio IN-8

    Three-way Active Monitors

    Kali's latest speakers demonstrate some serious electro-acoustic know-how — and represent remarkable value for money.

    Reviews May 2020
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    Kali Audio LP-6

    Active Nearfield Monitors

    These compact monitors from new company Kali Audio strike an enticing balance between performance and affordability.

    Reviews Dec 2018
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    Kali Audio show us their affordable LP6 monitors

    At less than $300 a pair, Kali’s LP6 monitors are very attractive 

    Kali Audio may not yet be a name that you know but that could very well be set to change as their first...

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    Newcomers Kali Audio debut Project Lone Pine monitors

    $149 monitors are “most advanced speakers in their class” say makers

    Kali Audio, an audio startup based in Southern California, have announced their debut product line, the Project Lone Pine studio monitors.

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