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    Avantone Planar

    Planar Magnetic Headphones

    If you crave the refined sound of large planar magnetic cans but are put off by the price, Avantone’s newest headphones could well be the answer.

    Reviews Jan 2021
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    Avantone CLA-10A

    Nearfield Active Monitors

    Avantone’s take on the classic NS‑10 is now available in powered form. We fire them up...

    Reviews Dec 2020
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    Avantone CLA-10

    Passive Monitors

    There’s no shortage of homages to classic microphones and processors but, until now, the monitor market has resisted the notion. Enter Avantone’s take on the iconic Yamaha NS‑10.

    Reviews Dec 2018
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    Summer NAMM 18: Avantone CLA-10

    Chris Lord-Alge puts his name to remake of the NS-10 studio monitor

    In the world of studio monitoring, there are few more distinctive designs than the Yamaha NS-10. It's...

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    Messe 2018: Avantone AV10MHF & AV10MLF

    Replacement speakers for NS-10M monitors shown at Musikmesse

    The Yamaha NS-10M is without doubt one of the most ubiquitous pieces of studio equipment ever made. A...

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    Avantone MP1 MixPhones

    Closed-back Headphones

    For their first-ever headphone design, Avantone have seen fit to include some unusual — and useful — extra features.

    Reviews Dec 2016
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