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    Jones-Scanlon Big Reds

    Jones-Scanlon add main monitors to Red series

    Big Reds offer serious low-end extension

    Big Reds house twin 10-inch woofers and offer low-frequency extension down to 28Hz.

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    Jones-Scanlon Baby Reds

    Active Monitors

    Speaker-building is an established art, but occasionally it can still yield surprises — such as the strange and wonderful Baby Reds.

    Reviews Aug 2020
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    The new $12,000 studio monitors from Jones-Scanlon.

    Jones-Scanlon: upscale monitors from down under

    Premium handmade active studio monitors place emphasis on neutrality and accuracy

    These handmade monitors place their emphasis on neutrality and accuracy  —  and will cost you a cool US $6000 per pair...

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