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    The MS10-W is, Bold North claim, an exact sonic replacement for the bass driver of the ubiquitous Yamaha NS10 nearfield studio monitors.

    New sonic match for Yamaha NS10 woofer

    Misco & Bold North recreate classic monitor speaker cone

    Bold North claim they have produced a bass monitor driver that exactly reproduces all the sonic idiosyncrasies of the original Yamaha NS10 woofer.

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    Celestion F12–X200

    Full–range Guitar Speaker

    Struggling to make amp modelling work on stage? Something just 'not quite right' in the feel? Maybe Celestion's new speaker will make all the difference.

    Reviews Aug 2019
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    Musikmesse: Fluid Audio suction cup amp sticks to guitar

    Noodle anywhere with 6W mini monitor for electric guitar

    Studio monitor makers Fluid Audio have announced an ingenious little 6W amp/monitor that sticks to the body...

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