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    Beyerdynamic Pro X Series

    Beyerdynamic launch Pro X range of mics & headphones

    New studio recording & monitoring tools unveiled

    New series of products aimed at content creators includes two microphones and both closed- and open-backed headphones.

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    512 Audio Limelight

    512 Audio launched

    New affordable product line from the makers of Warm Audio

    New brand founded by the makers of Warm Audio aim to offer pro-quality gear at entry-level prices.

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    Fluid Audio Focus

    Fluid Audio branch out

    Headphones & studio mic unveiled

    Best known for making affordable studio monitors, Fluid Audio have just announced a new set of studio headphones, plus a large-diaphragm capacitor microphone.

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    Martin Siedl CEO of Austrian Audio

    Austrian Audio - Martin Seidl | Podcast

    Talking Tech

    Martin Seidl, Founder and CEO of Microphone & Headphone manufacturer Austrian Audio, chats about current products and future technological developments, plus why their core range of products will remain analogue at heart.

    Music Business Jun 2020
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