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    HEDD Audio HEDDphone

    Air Motion Transformer Headphones

    Both technically and sonically, these open-backed headphones represent a breakthrough in portable monitoring.

    Reviews . Jul 2020
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    HEDD Type 20

    Three-way Active Monitors

    By combining traditional speaker engineering with a little help from software, HEDD have come up with a rather special set of monitors.

    Reviews Mar 2018
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    HEDD Lineariser plug-in addresses monitor phase

    Free plug-in harnesses host CPU power for phase-aligned audio

    German monitor makers HEDD — founded by industry veteran Klaus Heinz — have unveiled a new plug-in designed...

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    Musikmesse: HEDD Type 20 Near/Midfield Monitor

    New monitor claims superior mid-range detail

    HEDD, the latest company founded by speaker designer Klaus Heinz, has been demonstrating their brand new...

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    HEDD Type 07

    Active Monitors

    HEDD may be a new venture, but the man behind it is no neophyte — as the company’s debut design proves!

    Reviews Mar 2017
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    NAMM 2016: HEDD Series One (Video)

    Analogue Studio Monitors with Digital Connectivity

    We find out more about three new monitor designs from HEDD Audio as well as some intriguing networked digital audio cards that speaker designer Klaus Heinz has developed employing Dante, Ravanna and USB protocols.

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