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    ATC A7

    Passive Monitors

    Paul White tests ATC's smallest and least expensive monitors to date, and finds that they still have the pedigree family sound.

    Reviews Dec 1998
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    Quested F11

    Active Nearfield Monitors

    Although not very common in semi-pro environments, Quested is a well respected name in professional music studios. The conpany's new F11 active nearfield monitors are likely to bridge that gap and introduce the Quested name to a much wider audience. Hugh Robjohns lends them his ears...

    Reviews Nov 1998
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    JBL LSR32

    Midfield Monitors

    JBL's new studio monitor system, the LS32, represents a radical departure in their approach to the design and technology of loudspeakers. Hugh Robjohns lends them his ears...

    Reviews Oct 1998
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    KRK V8

    Active Monitors

    Paul White cranks up his laser gramophone and takes the new KRK V8s for a spin.

    Reviews Sep 1998
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    Sony SMS1P

    Sony SMS1P Powered Monitors

    Paul White tests Sony's diminutive powered monitor designed for desktop music and multimedia work. Can such a small box deliver the goods, and is the performance worth the price?

    Reviews Aug 1998
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    Tannoy Reveal

    Nearfield Monitors

    Paul White finds out whether Tannoy's new Reveals have anything to hide...

    Reviews Aug 1998
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    Acoustic Energy AE200

    Nearfield Monitors

    The AE200S use metal-coned drivers throughout, but does this technology offer any advantages over more conventional designs? Paul White investigates.

    Reviews Jul 1998
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    AVI Nuneutron

    Compact Monitors

    Paul White discovers that it is possible for a compact monitor to deliver a sound that is both accurate and tonally well-balanced.

    Reviews Jun 1998
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    Dynaudio BM15A

    Powered Monitors

    Paul White listens to Dynaudio's latest powered nearfield monitors and counts the days until he has to give them back.

    Reviews May 1998
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    Tannoy System 600A

    Active Monitor

    Throughout the years, Tannoy have determindly supported their dual-concentric driver concept in the fierce cut and thrust of the monitor marketplace, and the 600A is their latest mid-priced champion. Hugh Robjohns enters the fray...

    Reviews Apr 1998
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    KRK Rokit

    Nearfield Monitors

    Have KRK managed to preserve their family sound at this new low price point? Paul White gets ready to Rok...

    Reviews Mar 1998
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    JBL 6208

    Bi-amplified Reference Monitor

    Active monitors are all the rage in the project studio market at the moment. Hugh Robjohns checks out a weighty contender from American loudspeaker giant JBL.

    Reviews Mar 1998
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    Xpression! DPM1

    Proactive Powered Monitors

    Paul White lends a critical ear to Xpression's first ever powered monitor, to test the company's claim of accuracy at a budget price.

    Reviews Feb 1998
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