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    Monitors Demystified: Part 2

    Frequency Response Secrets

    What do the manufacturer's frequency response figures tell you about your studio monitors? Less than you might think, as Phil Ward discovers...

    Sound Advice Nov 2000
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    Fostex NF1A

    Nearfield Studio Monitors

    Paul White auditions some new active monitors from Fostex that offer a number of technical innovations.

    Reviews Nov 2000
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    Monitors Demystified: Part 1

    Compromise & Approximation

    Monitor speakers affect nearly all the descisions we make when recording and mixing — yet most of us know very little about how they are designed, and why they sound the way they do. In the first of a new series, Phil Ward explains what goes into the design of typical passive nearfields, and the effects they can have on what we record.

    Sound Advice Oct 2000
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    DAS Monitor 6 & Monitor 8

    Nearfield Studio Monitors

    Spanish loudspeaker manufacturer DAS have launched two nearfield monitors with more than a hint of luxury about them. Hugh Robjohns sits back and listens...

    Reviews Aug 2000
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    Quested VS2205

    Active Nearfield Monitors

    Paul White auditions Quested's new active nearfield monitors and discovers there's no baby booming going on here.

    Reviews Jul 2000
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    Roland DS90A

    Digital Active Monitors

    Hugh Robjohns tries out Roland's updated digital monitors.

    Reviews Jun 2000
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    Meyer Sound X10


    At around £20,000 a pair, Meyer's new X10 monitors lie well beyond the budget of most SOS readers — but the technology inside them represents a breakthrough in loudspeaker construction, and should filter down to more affordable products over the next few years. Hugh Robjohns demystifies the design...

    Reviews May 2000
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    JBL LSR25P

    Active Monitors

    The latest addition to JBL's LSR series of monitor speakers is a small nearfield two-way active system. Hugh Robjohns lends them his ears.

    Reviews May 2000
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    Yamaha MSP10 & SW10

    Active Monitors & Subwoofers

    The market for good but affordable 'reference' monitor speakers seems almost boundless and Yamaha have recently joined the fray with their active MSP10s and associated subwoofer, the SW10. Hugh Robjohns digs out his test discs again...

    Reviews Apr 2000
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    Videologic Systems Sirocco Pro


    Active monitor systems which use a subwoofer together with satellite speakers are not particularly unusual in this industry, but the Sirocco Pro from Videologic is sure to stir things up by providing a neat package, with impressive technology, at under £600. Hugh Robjohns tunes in...

    Reviews Mar 2000
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    PMC FB1

    Floor-standing Monitor Loudspeakers

    Developing their TB1 nearfield into a floor-standing loudspeaker, PMC have come up with a full-range monitor which nicely balances studio performance with the cosmetics of quality domestic hi-fi.

    Reviews Feb 2000
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    KRK V6


    Paul White road-tests the KRK V6 monitors to see whether quality has been sacrificed to meet an attractive price point.

    Reviews Jan 2000
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