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    Adam A5

    Active Nearfield Monitors

    Adam have gained a strong reputation for the quality and value for money of their larger reference monitors, but have they had to make any compromises in their smallest model?

    Reviews Dec 2008
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    KRK RP6 G2

    Active Studio Monitors

    These monitors may look like their more expensive siblings, but do they also share the family sound?

    Reviews Nov 2008
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    Presonus Monitor Station

    Monitor Controller

    No matter how 'in the box' you go, you still need easy, transparent control over your monitoring setup, and this little box claims to do it all for a good price.

    Reviews Nov 2008
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    Genelec 8130A DSP 2.1

    DSP Monitoring System

    Genelec have earned a reputation for good-sounding small monitor speakers, but can their DSP system make them sound even better?

    Reviews Oct 2008
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    Q. What should I buy for Mono monitoring?

    I'm looking for a new monitor speaker, a single one for mono. Ideally I was hoping for something self-powered, with its own...

    Sound Advice Oct 2008
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    The Yamaha NS10 Story

    How A Hi-fi Speaker Conquered The Studio World

    Love or hate the Yamaha NS10, this unassuming little speaker has found a place in the studios of many of the world's top producers. We trace its history, and investigate why a monitor whose sound has been described as "horrible" became an industry standard.

    Reviews Sep 2008
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    KRK VXT6 & VXT8

    Active Studio Monitors

    The mid-priced studio monitor market is competitive. So what sets KRK's new offerings apart from the crowd?

    Reviews Aug 2008
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    Mackie MR Series

    Active Studio Monitors

    Last year Mackie impressed us with their HR Mk2 series of studio monitors, but they've now introduced new models at roughly half the price. Surely this means there are compromises?

    Reviews Jul 2008
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    Samson MediaOne 4a

    Powered Monitors

    Obviously, a good multimedia system is better than a bad one, but will a good one be adequate in a home studio?

    Reviews Jun 2008
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    Acoustic Energy AE22

    Active Monitors

    Like the venerable Yamaha NS10, this nearfield design puts accurate time-domain response at centre stage - but what does that mean for your mixes? ?????

    Reviews May 2008
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    Tannoy Precision 8iDP

    Active DSP Monitors

    The latest iteration of Tannoy's Precision 8 includes an intriguing on-board DSP room-correction system.

    Reviews Apr 2008
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    Blue Sky Exo 2.1

    Active Stereo Monitors & Subwoofer

    If you need a monitor system that can double up for more general multimedia listening, the Exo 2.1 could be just what you're looking for...

    Reviews Mar 2008
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    AVI ADM9

    Active Monitors

    AVI have a reputation for excellent hi-fi speakers, but with this system they hae turned out a real studio gem.

    Reviews Feb 2008
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    ESI Near08

    Nearfield Active Monitors

    Can you expect decent project-studio performance from monitors costing under £300? Let's find out...

    Reviews Jan 2008
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