Ableton upgrades to Live 10.1

Published 20/2/19
Public beta announced with tweaks to new devices, user interfaces & automation facilities

Ableton Live, at v10.1 in beta form at the time of writing. The update includes the ability to add user samples to the Wavetable synth, new automation shapes, better zooming and scrolling, and more besides.

Ableton announced a public beta version of the v10.1 update for their much-loved music creation and production software Live in early February. The 10.1 upgrade, free to existing Live 10 users, includes improvements to recently introduced devices, support for VST3 instruments and improvements to Live's automation facilities and user interface. For example...

As of v10.1, users can import their own user samples into the Wavetable synth that debuted in v10. A series of preset curves is now available to assist in (for example) setting fade and panning automation, and users can stretch and skew existing automation curves while maintaining the overall relative shape.

Also welcome will be the improved zooming and scrolling features (including pinch-zooming on control environments that support it), which allow you to leap quickly from an overview of your entire current project to detailed views for close-in editing; even the Arrangement Overview window can now be resized.

There are also flexible new EQ and Delay devices and a host of smaller tweaks such as the ability to freeze tracks with side-chain processing, which was previously impossible. The full list of changes is available here.