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AES 2008: Line 6 Pod Farm (Video)

Amp-modelling plug-in

Line 6 have announced Pod Farm, a replacement for Amp Farm, their TDM amplifier-modelling plug-in. But instead of being limited to use within Pro Tools HD or TDM systems, the new product can be used with any audio hardware, and with virtually any DAW software.

There are two versions of Pod Farm: the Basic version has 18 different guitar amp models, as well as a limited set of bass amp and mic preamp models; and Platinum, which features all 78 of Line 6’s virtual guitar amps, around 30 bass amps, and the full compliment of effects, preamps and stomp boxes. It’s compatible with VST, Audio Units and RTAS hosts, and also works as a stand-alone application on Mac and PC, using the Pace iLok authorisation system to store the user license.

The plug-in has a newly designed user interface, which has an Apple ‘cover flow’-style window that lets the user scroll through the amps and effects, then drag-and-drop them into the signal path. Here, their order can be re-arranged, so you can put a delay after a compressor, or vice versa, for example.

What’s more, up to two different signal paths can be set up, so you can run, say, a heavily distorted Marshall combo simultaneously with a clean, delayed Fender, with control over pan and level.

The Basic version of Line 6’s Pod Farm costs $99, while the Platinum version costs $299. In the UK, they cost £77 and £234 respectively.

Line 6 +44 (0)1327 302 700

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