Best Service goes to Mongolia for Strings of Winter

Published 17/7/19
The Orchestra Complete includes new orchestral articulations and instruments

Best Service's new orchestral library The Orchestra Complete, with Strings Of Winter.

As the name of Best Service’s newly released bundle suggests, The Orchestra Complete contains the latest version of Sonuscore’s The Orchestra (reviewed in SOS December 2017) — and also adds a much-requested MIDI export feature from The Orchestra instrument’s built-in arpeggiators and envelopes, plus 108 new presets and 60 new string articulations. These are derived from recordings of a 41-piece traditional string ensemble in Budapest and also from sessions with 15 players from the Mongolian State Morin Khuur Ensemble (the morin khuur is the Mongolian national instrument, also known as a horse-hair fiddle).

The performance engine in the new Orchestra Complete library.

The Orchestra Complete also includes Strings Of Winter, a stand‑alone instrument and Kontakt Player library that shows off the new strings and Mongolian tones and is also available separately. The Orchestra Complete is £349$399 and Strings Of Winter is £135$149 when bought from scratch, but crossgrade and upgrade pricing is available; see the Best Service site for details.

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