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Expert Sleepers launch ES1 module

No DC coupling? No problem!

Expert Sleepers, those crafty synth boffins whose Silent Way CV-generating plug-ins we reviewed in May, have just announced their first hardware product: the ES1 interface. A Eurorack module designed to sit alongside your existing modular synth setup, the ES1 allows users of non-DC-coupled interfaces to use the Silent Way plug-in to control their analogue synths from within their DAW (previously, only interfaces capable of outputting DC, such as those from MOTU, were suitable for the task).<strong>Expert Sleepers ES1</strong>

The ES1 is available with either quarter-inch jack inputs, or a D-sub input, with both versions having eight ins and eight CV outs. The idea is that you connect your audio interface’s outputs to the ES1, and then the CV outs to whichever modules you want to control from your computer. Not only is this a more elegant solution than patching your computer directly into your synths, but Silent Way say that this new module eliminates the need for special cables (as was needed in some cases when using their software solution on its own), while at the same time providing a greater output voltage range (one of the few complaints about Silent Way when we reviewed it was the limited voltage from MOTU interfaces).

Available from the end of June, the ES1 interface costs £100 for the DB25 version, and £120 for the jack version.

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