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Giltrap Signature H-Clamp fixes mics to more instruments

Innovative microphone clamp now even more flexible

Gordon Giltrap using his signature H-ClampGordon Giltrap using his signature H-ClampThe original H-Clamp, a clamp that could attach a microphone to an acoustic guitar was first reviewed by Paul White when it was launched in 2006 ( Since then, Exploraudio have expanded their range to include versions specifically for multi-instrumentalists. The latest of these is the Giltrap Signature model, which is tailored to cover the wide range of instruments played by the legendary Guitarist, Gordon Giltrap.

With an adjustment range to fit instrument bodies from 43mm to 122mm in depth, the Giltrap Signature H-clamp covers everything from electric and semi-electric guitars to the deepest bodied jumbo guitar or acoustic bass, in fact pretty much any instrument a guitarist is ever likely to use, including ukuleles and mandolins. Gordon now uses the H-clamp for all his recordings and says that it is: “The perfect way to use any mic with a guitar, you can set it up in seconds and then just forget about it. The H-clamp holds the mic in the ‘sweet spot’ for ideal tone and stays there, motionless, however much you or the guitar move around during the performance.”

Exploraudio claim the the H-clamp works equally well with everything from low-budget to high-end microphones and from lavalier to large-capsule condensor mics. Teamed with one of the increasingly impressive low-cost mics on the market, it could make for a very cost-effective ‘entry-level’ solution for home studios and live gigs. It's also being aimed at recording studios and broadcast, where it could be paired with a really high quality microphone for improved performance.

The H-Clamp Giltrap Signature model costs £84 including VAT.

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