Help design Lewitt's new flagship microphone

Published 1/8/19
Project Pinnacle needs you!

The as-yet-unnamed mic, currently known only as "Project Pinnacle", will be unveiled at the NAMM show in California next January.

Lewitt microphones (whose LCT 140 Air and 040 Match microphones are reviewed in the September issue of SOS) will celebrate their 10th anniversary next year. They're designing a new flagship microphone to celebrate, to be launched at the Winter NAMM show in California in January 2020 — and they'd like your help.

As with most audio companies, Lewitt are greatly influenced by user feedback when designing their products — most of their mics have resulted from trying to solve recording problems experienced by power-users of their products. With the new mic, which so far is only known by the codename 'Project Pinnacle', Lewitt are casting the net wider and allowing anyone to have a chance to influence its design.

Interested parties should visit the Lewitt web site, where there's now an online survey that takes about five minutes to complete. Participants will be asked to evaluate and compare various audio samples, and the answers will influence the tonal characteristics of Project Pinnacle's final design.

Anyone who completes the survey also has the option of being entered into a prize draw to win one of the new mics, the results of which will be announced when Project Pinnacle is finally launched at NAMM. To take part, use the link below.