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How to log into the NEW v3 SOS Forum

New Forum opened its doors on 01 September 2004
The login/username you have used for the old v2 forum located at DOES NOT WORK with the V3 Forum, as this now runs on our main site.
ONLY re-register if you do not have a main site login already
Some people have previously registered with the main SOS site, possibly when they bought a subscription, or when they entered a Competition or posted their own Readers Ad on the main site, hence they are already registered with the main site (and thus the NEW forum), because we now use a single unified login.
If you have been attempting to re-register, ie. create a new account with the main site (using the REGISTER link on the righthand black/white login box on the home page etc) only to find that it warns you that your "Email is already registered". (This is because you have previously used it to register with the site for readers ads or shop purchases etc)
So, use this (now-known-to-be-registered) email address and type it into the Password Reminder field in the login box, and get our server to send a password to your last registered email address. (If you have changed email addresses and not updated your details, then contact with your real name, postcode and any info to locate your account.
Then people can use these 2 pieces of info to login to the main site/v3 SOS Forum (it uses the one login box now).
The login box then changes and is called My Account once you are successfully logged in. Clicking the My Account link in this box will open the MANAGE MY ACCOUNT screen. Select the "My Forum Details" link/screen and type in a Forum Display Name where it asks, and set up some preferences, then submit/OK this page.
If you like, you can click the "My Contact Details" link and see what address we have for you and update this if incorrect... same goes for Readers Ads alias/contact email if you so wish.
Having finished with My Account, you can access the new v3 Forum by clicking on the black FORUM menu button at the top of any SOS screen (below the banner advert), and selecting either "Forum Index" (to take you to the forum list) or "My Forum Home" to take you to another separate mini-homepage where you can configure important preferences for the forum services that this new Forum offers its members, eg. subscribing to notification emails, private messaging, forum digests, post view order (the new Forum offers both Flat and Threaded View), or choosing what language you want all the alerts and buttons to appear in (French, German, Chinese... take your pick -- but messages themselves are in English, unless posted by someone in another language) and so-on. There's lots to play with and get used to, but we wanted to give users some new features from the outset. There's even a Calendar showing important events...
Visit and join our new community!

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