Keyboardist website seeking students for Skype piano lessons

Published 17/8/19
One-To-One Lessons Online is a small and friendly London-based website offering advice to those wishing to play Digital Pianos, Synths or Keyboards. It's owned and managed by Atheen, who started out in music retail more than 30 years ago and who has since been a signed artist, gigged overseas and managed independent labels of her own.

One philosophy of Keyboardist is that there should be no barrier to learning - not everybody sets out to follow the concert pianist route. Many people just want to compose, gig in bands or play for the sheer enjoyment of it. 

Although there are plenty of online courses and resources available, one of the quickest and most fun ways to learn is still via one-to-one training. So, Keyboardist are offering tuition via Skype for 12 beginner adult students. The training will be tailored to suit individual learning goals so that each student ends up following their own musical path.

More details on the website, where you can either book your spot or a 30‑minute taster course.