Mix With The Masters: Emile Haynie

Published 25/2/19
Eminem & Lana Del Rey producer features on new MWTM video

Eminem/Florence And The Machine producer Emile Haynie, the latest producer to feature in a Mix With The Masters video.

On-line production tuition specialists Mix With The Masters have announced a new tutorial video featuring producer and songwriter Emile Haynie (Eminem, Kanye West, Lana Del Rey, Adele, Sam Smith). In the video, Haynie, who was interviewed in SOS August 2018 about his work with Florence And The Machine, explains his path into production, giving an overview of his workflow in terms of songwriting, arrangement, production, and his working relationship with mix engineers. The video concludes with a detailed look at the Pro Tools session of ‘June’ by Florence And The Machine, with the producer explaining arrangement decisions, editing techniques, and some of the pitch-shifting effects used to create texture on the finished track. The full video, in three parts, is over 45 minutes long and is available for free to MWTM pro members at: https://mwtm.com/itt17. A short trailer is available to everyone to view for free at the same link (see below).

In mid-March, Emile Haynie will also be conducting his first week-long music production seminar at Studios La Fabrique in Provence, in the South of France, during which he will be breaking down his production techniques for the attendees in the company of an as-yet unannounced guest artist. See the link below for more details.