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New Bose ‘gig-ready’ ToneMatch mixers for L1/S1 PA systems

T8S and T4S feature optimised instrument-orientated presets & EQ settings

Bose has been selling portable loudspeaker systems aimed at performing musicians for over 15 years now; the latest are the L1 and S1 systems designed for solo performing singer-songwriters or duos (reviewed in SOS September 2016 and December 2018 respectively; the S1 was demonstrated to SOS Editor-in-Chief Paul White on the Bose stand during NAMM, as can be seen in the video below).

In 2007, Bose introduced the original ToneMatch mixer, a four-channel device designed to integrate with its speaker systems and featuring a series of instrument-orientated DSP effects, EQ, dynamics processing and mic gain presets, designed to be used with specific instruments, microphones and other equipment to make setup on stage faster.

Bose's new easy-to-use, preset-heavy T4S and T8S ToneMatch mixers.Bose's new easy-to-use, preset-heavy T4S and T8S ToneMatch mixers.

At NAMM 2019, two new ToneMatch mixers (shown above) were launched, the four-channel T4S and the eight-channel T8S, both designed for use with the L1 and S1 speaker systems and continuing the preset-orientated ToneMatch approach to setup. Both feature combined XLR/quarter-inch Combi inputs, discrete illuminated input gain, level and mute controls for each channel, a single ToneMatch knob for preset selection, bright LC displays to allow preset tweaking, and dedicated headphone and master output level controls. Both mixers supply switchable phantom power on all input channels to connected mics that require it, have USB connections that provide stereo digital audio interfacing when connected to a computer, and can be stand-mounted via a connector on the underside of the chassis. If being used with the Bose L1 speaker system, the T4S can draw its power from the speaker connection cable, but has to be powered separately when connected to anything else. The T8S additionally sports an output level meter on its larger top panel.

Both mixers are supplied with magnetic covers to protect their controls and I/O connectors when not in use. Optional carry cases are also available for both products, which are shipping now. The T4S retails for £529$899, the T8S for £799$1099.

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