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New soft synth from Cakewalk

Rapture virtual wavetable synth for Mac and PC
Following the launch of Dimension Pro, Cakewalk have produced a second cross-platform software synthesizer.
Rapture combines a non-aliasing resampling synth engine with sophisticated modualtion capabilities.
Each patch can blend up to six different 'Elements' — independent stereo sound generators, each with a multi-waveform wavetable oscillator, ring modulator and two multi-mode filters with lo-fi and drive effects.
There are over 40 envelope generators, LFOs and step generators per patch, and effects and EQ can be applied separately to each Element or globally.
Rapture can operate as a VST, RTAS, Audio Units or Direct X (32-bit and 64-bit) plug-in. It's out this month and costs £149.

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