Propellerhead become Reason Studios...

Published 18/9/19
...and launch three versions of Reason 11, including a DAW-compatible plug-in version!

Reason 11, the first version of the much-loved software production environment to be launched since the parent company changed its name, will shortly be available in three versions.

Propellerhead have renamed themselves Reason Studios, the change coming as Reason prepares to upgrade to version 11 (above). The new version allows the software to be run within another DAW for the first time via a new VST‑compatible Reason Rack plug-in (an AU version will follow at the end of 2019).

Alongside this historic first, five new processing devices are also available for the v11 upgrade: a chorus ensemble, EQ, dynamics and modulation processors, and a master bus compressor. Reason v11 will be available from September 25th in three versions, priced at £69$99 (Reason Intro), £299$399 (Reason) and £499$599 (Reason Suite), the chief difference being how many plug-ins are loaded in the new Reason Rack in each version. See the new site (address below) for more info.