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Revive 32-bit plug-ins in Logic Pro X

Put 32-bit AUs back to work with 32 Lives from Sound Radix

32 Lives from Sound RadixAre you a Mac user who's still missing some of their favourite 32-bit plug-ins? Switching to 64-bit versions of DAW software, such as Logic Pro, left quite a number of people without support for some older but mission-critical plug-ins.

Don't worry though, as Sound Radix have a solution. After a lengthy open beta phase 32 Lives, a 32-bit to 64-bit Audio Units plug-in adaptor, is now ready for the public at large.

Impressively, Sound Radix claim that their adaptor allows projects saved in Logic Pro 9 (and earlier) using 32-bit plug-ins to load in Logic Pro X smoothly and transparently, retaining all presets, parameters and automation. And all of this, without any special re-wiring or routing.

A trial version is available so you can check compatibility with your favourite products, but it already supports TC PowerCore, Abbey Road, URS and many more.

For more information and your free trial, visit the website below.

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