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SUPERBOOTH24: Bitwig Studio 5.2

Bitwig talked us through the new compressor and EQ plug-ins in BITWIG Studio 5.2 as well as detailing some of its new editing capabilities.

SUPERBOOTH24 Oberheim YouTube

SUPERBOOTH24: Oberheim TEO-5

Oberheim have debuted the TEO-5 at Superbooth 24 in Berlin, a 5-voice polyphonic synth which is a modern twist on the classic Oberheim sound.

Soyuz 011 FET

Soyuz introduce 011 FET microphone

Soyuz Microphones' latest release introduces the 011 FET small diaphragm condenser microphone, designed to be a flexible all-rounder with a small profile, measuring just 91mm in length.

Oberheim TEO-5

Oberheim TEO-5 polysynth released at Superbooth

Bearing the initials of company founder Thomas Elroy Oberheim, this compact synthesizer has been designed to offer a perfect blend of classic analogue warmth and modern versatility.

iZotope RX11

iZotope launch major updates in RX 11

The latest iteration of iZotope's audio repair suite features innovative machine learning capabilities and tools tailored for music streaming.

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Xaoc Devices Berlin VCO Eurorack modular synth oscillator

Xaoc Devices reveal Berlin VCO

Polyend Tracker Plus hardware sampler sequencer synthesizer drum machine

Polyend introduce Tracker+

Vienna Symphonic Library Survey 2024 win orchestral sample libraries

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Repetito 3 live performance looper software

Repetito 3: Multi-channel live loop software

IMSTA FESTA 2023 SAE Institute London professional audio event show panel talks masterclass

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Electro Harmonix LPB-3 Linear Power Booster & EQ guitar effects pedal

LPB-3 boost & EQ from Electro Harmonix

Orchestral Tools Grimm with Bleeding Fingers drama horror fantasy scoring medieval instrument sample library

Orchestral Tools present Grimm with Bleeding...

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