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    RCF Evox JMIX8

    Compact Active Line Array PA

    This column PA system from RCF incorporates a digital mixer plus Softube guitar-amp modelling. Could it be all you need to take with you for small gigs?

    Reviews Aug 2019
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    RCF ART 712-A Mk4

    Active PA Speaker

    These powered PA speakers have a simplicity of operation that belies the powerful technology within.

    Reviews Dec 2017
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    RCF HD12A

    Active PA Speaker

    The market for compact, active PA speakers is a crowded one, but RCF think there’s room for one more...

    Reviews Oct 2012
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    RCF ART 322A

    Active PA Speakers

    Italian company RCF have a good pedigree. They helped design and manufacture for Mackie when the latter first entered the live sound market. We check out RCF's own entry in the portable powered PA stakes.

    Reviews Dec 2005
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