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    VIDEO: Line 6 Powercab 112 - Musikmesse 2018

    Active guitar speaker systems launched at Frankfurt show

    Line 6 have announced at Musikmesse the Powercab 112 and Powercab 112 Plus active guitar speaker systems....

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    JBL intro battery-powered mini line array

    JBL EON One Pro unveiled at Prolight + Sound 2017

    Features Bluetooth audio, an eight-channel mixer and a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts six hours, making it ideal for gigging musicians and DJs, educators, fitness studios, corporate environments and more.

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    Harman’s Connected PA grows with AKG mic adapter

    Adaptor remembers your preferred mixer settings for attached mic 

    HARMAN Professional Solutions have announced the AKG MDAi CPA Connected PA microphone adapter.

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    Cerwin Vega announce three new PA lines

    New PA speakers announced at NAMM

    We took a look at the new Cerwin Vega PA lines at the NAMM show earlier today. Check out our video overview...

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    Dolby Atmos At The Ministry Of Sound

    Air Play

    Dolby Laboratories have been leading the development of surround-sound systems for four decades, but over the last year or so they have been piloting an intriguing surround system in a famous UK night-club...

    Techniques Jan 2017
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    Choosing A Compact PA System

    Sound Decisions

    It’s now the norm for musicians to provide their own sound reinforcement for small gigs — but what kind of system would suit you best?

    Techniques Nov 2016
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    Summer NAMM ’16: LD Systems Curv 500 Series

    Portable line array system

    Billed as the world's smallest line array, the LD Systems Curv 500 Series really is rather...

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    Video: Void Airstream & Air 8 Prototype

    High-end PA speakers previewed at Prolight + Sound 2016
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    Video: HK add 5 speakers to Premium PR:O D range

    Active full range PA speakers previewed

    Press Release: HK Audio has bolstered its flagship PREMIUM PR:O range of modular, musician-...

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    Video: JBL Eon One launched at Prolight + Sound 2016

    New portable linear array announced

    We already brought you news of the new JBL Eon One system yesterday, but...

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    QSC E Series speakers now shipping

    Speakers take advantage of DSP when used in a complete QSC system

    Press Release: At this year’s Pro Light + Sound (Hall 4.0, Stand F71), QSC is very...

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    JBL unveil all-in-one linear array PA system

    Sub, six-channel mixer & Bluetooth packed into new package
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    NAMM 2016: Alto Professional Transport 12 (Video)

    Portable AC/battery-powered PA speaker w/UHF wireless

    The Transport 12 is an portable AC/battery-powered sound system in a compact, easily...

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    Preventing Acoustic Feedback On Stage

    Feedback-reducing Tips

    Whether you’re a performer or an engineer, these simple feedback-reducing tips should ensure your gigs remain free from squeaks and howl-rounds!

    Techniques Mar 2013
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    How To Become A Pro Live Sound Engineer

    Sex, Lies & Gaffer Tape

    Live-sound employment is now more competitive than ever, so how can you stand out from the crowd? We asked some of the leading teachers and employers in the industry for their advice.

    People Nov 2012
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    How To Use Modelling Guitar Preamps On Stage

    Advice & Techniques

    Guitar preamps that use digital modelling technology have found their way into vast numbers of studios. But do they have a useful place on stage, and what do you need to know if you want to use one live?

    Techniques Jun 2006
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    Line Arrays Explained

    The Science And The Magic

    If you've been to a large gig or a festival in recent years, you've no doubt had the pleasure of hearing line arrays of loudspeakers in action. But why are line arrays the current 'best practice' in large-scale PA, how did they evolve, and will they ever filter down to more modest gig venues?

    Techniques Mar 2006
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    Bose Cylindrical Radiators

    Personal Live Amplification System

    For years bands have needed unwieldy, expensive PA systems to play live, and separate monitoring systems to hear themselves play. Bose's new system aims to do away with much of this complexity and expense. We take a first look...

    Techniques Feb 2004
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    MIDI On The Road: Part 2

    Preparing The System

    Having looked in Part 1 at how to condense your studio setup for use as a live rig, David Harman concludes this short series with tips on how to prepare yourself and your gear for the rigours of live performance.

    Techniques Sep 2001
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    MIDI On The Road: Part 1

    Designing The Rig

    Being a MIDI-based musician doesn't mean that you can't get out and play live gigs; you just need to plan more carefully than the average pub band. Grizzled live MIDI veteran David Harman explains the pitfalls and outlines some of the preparation you need to take your show on the road.

    Techniques Aug 2001
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    Recreating The Ballet Mécanique In The Digital Age: Part 2


    Last month, Paul D. Lehrman described how he became involved in a project to create a performable edition of George Antheil's prophetic but never performed, Ballet Mechanique, in its original version with 16 synchronised player pianos and a human ensemble. With the process of sequencing the 1240-measure work complete, he was now faced with the task of preparing the first ever live performance of the piece...

    Techniques Sep 2000


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