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    HH Electronics Tensor‑GO

    Compact Line Array

    With its built‑in mixer and the option of battery operation, the HH Tensor‑GO offers a versatile solution for reproducing high‑quality live sound both on and off the grid.

    Reviews . May 2022
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    Open Mic PA

    Small Venue Sound Systems: A Buyer’s Guide

    Looking to start a new live music night? We tell you what you’ll need and how to use it.

    Sound Advice . May 2022
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    Sennheiser XS Wireless IEM in-ear monitors

    Sennheiser XS Wireless IEMs launched

    Lower-cost in-ear monitoring system

    Sennheiser's latest in-ear monitoring system promises a big leap in performance quality for up-and-coming bands and singer-songwriters.

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