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    Plugin Alliance comes to SoundGrid

    Brainworx, SPL, Maag & Elysia now on Waves platform

    With the introduction of its 100% SoundGrid Bundle V1.0, plug-in makers Waves have announced that Plugin...

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    NAMM 2016: Waves Nx (Video)

    Virtual mix room plug-in

    We brought you news of a new headphone monitoring...

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    Mix 5.1 audio on headphones with Waves Nx

    Virtual Mix Room plug-in aims to close gap between headphones and monitors

    Waves Audio are to introduce Waves Nx, a Virtual Mix Room plug-in that aims to give you the optimal acoustics of a...

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    Waves H-Reverb

    Reverb Plug-in For Mac OS & Windows

    In modern productions, reverb often isn’t just reverb. Waves’ latest plug-in offers all the extra tools you’ll need.

    Reviews Aug 2015
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    Waves Vitamin

    Multi‑band Sonic Enhancer Plug‑in For Mac OS & Windows

    Waves' clever enhancement plug‑in offers several ways of making your music bigger!

    Reviews Sep 2014
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    Waves Reel ADT

    Automatic Double-tracking Plug-in For Mac OS & Windows

    An effect invented by Abbey Road engineers has become a studio staple. Waves have painstakingly recreated its original implementation.

    Reviews Aug 2014
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    Waves Scheps 73 | Media

    Equaliser Plug-in For Mac OS & Windows

    Waves' take on the immortal Neve 1073 design sees them teaming up once again with a leading mix engineer.

    Reviews Jul 2014
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    Waves Scheps 73

    Equaliser Plug-in For Mac OS & Windows

    Waves' take on the immortal Neve 1073 design sees them teaming up once again with a leading mix engineer.

    Reviews Jul 2014
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    Waves Center

    Formats: Mac & PC VST, AAX, RTAS, TDM & Audiosuite; Mac AU; Waves MultiRack & Avid VENUE

    Stereo sound is a surprisingly subtle and complex business, and it's rare that the typical DAW 'utility' plug‑ins will deal...

    Reviews Jul 2014
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    Waves RS56

    Equaliser Plug-in For Mac OS & Windows

    Another slice of Abbey Road history is now available in your plug-in folder, thanks to Waves.

    Reviews Oct 2013
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    Waves Manny Marroquin Collection

    Plug-in Bundle For Mac & PC

    Once again, Waves have tried to bottle the magic of a celebrated mix engineer, so that it can be uncorked in the home studio...

    Reviews Jun 2013
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    Waves Abbey Road REDD

    Console Emulation Plug-ins For Mac & PC

    Waves’ latest analogue emulation has unrivalled pedigree. But is there still a role for a mixer that was declared obsolete 40 years ago?

    Reviews Mar 2013
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    Waves NLS

    Console Emulation Plug-in For Mac & PC

    Waves are the latest manufacturers to try to package the sound of large-format mixing consoles in plug-in form.

    Reviews Nov 2012
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    Waves InPhase

    Phase-correction Plug-in

    Making similar signals play nicely together sometimes requires more than just a polarity switch. Enter Waves’ phase-manipulation tool.

    Reviews Jul 2012
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    Waves Bass Rider

    Automatic Level Control Plug-in

    Achieving a smooth, even bass part in a mix can require hours of tedious automation — unless, that is, you cheat!

    Reviews Feb 2012
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    Waves H-EQ

    EQ Plug-in

    Waves’ latest equaliser can be five different virtual analogue designs at once — and it has some other neat tricks up its sleeve too.

    Reviews Dec 2011
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    Waves W43

    Noise-reduction Plug-in

    Video makers need to reduce noise too — and W43 lets them do it in time-honoured style...

    Reviews Jan 2011
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    Waves Maserati Collection

    Plug-in Bundle [Mac/PC]

    Most of us cannot afford to have Tony Maserati mix our tracks — but thanks to Waves, we can now use his personal effects and processing chains in our own mixes.

    Reviews Apr 2009
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    Surround Sound From Stereo

    Upmixing Plug-ins For Pro Tools

    More and more material needs to be delivered in surround formats, but what if you dont have the time or the budget for a 5.1 remix? We test the current crop of unwrap plug-ins that can create a surround master from a stereo mix.

    Reviews Aug 2007
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    Waves Vocal Bundle

    Vocal Processing Plug-ins [Mac/PC]

    With their Vocal Bundle, Waves look to take voice processing and automatic pitch correction to a new level of sophistication.

    Reviews Nov 2006
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    Waves Y96K & Power Bundle

    DSP Card & Plug-in For Yamaha Mixers & Multitrackers

    Waves are tempting owners of Yamaha digital hardware with an updated DSP board and a new selection of additional plug-in processors.

    Reviews Jun 2006


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