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    PSP InfiniStrip

    Channel-strip Plug-in

    Want to combine the freedom to choose EQs and compressors with the convenience of a single plug‑in? PSP may have the answer...

    Reviews Jun 2020
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    PSP release Nexcellence reverb plug-in

    Spring emulation reverb out now

    Plug-in makers PSP have released a brand new reverb plug-in by the name of Nexcellence. The name references so-...

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    PSP E27

    Equaliser Plug-in

    Does this Polish plug-in capture the character of an American classic?

    Reviews Aug 2017
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    PSP StompDelay plug-in.

    PSP StompDelay

    Formats: Mac & PC VST, RTAS & AAX; Mac AU

    Designed to produce a wide range of mono or stereo delay-based effects, StompDelay's inbuilt multi-waveform modulation allows it to double as a flanger, chorus, tape echo or extreme effects generator.

    Reviews Aug 2016
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    PSP B-Scanner

    Formats: Mac & PC VST, RTAS & AAX; Mac AU

    B-Scanner replicates the vibrato and offers far more scope to create effects outside the range of Hammond’s original ‘scanner’ chorus/vibrato circuit.

    Reviews Jul 2016
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    PSP L’otary

    Rotary Speaker Emulation Plug-in

    Leslie-style rotary speakers are mechanically simple, but sonically complex — hence the attention to detail in PSP’s plug-in recreation.

    Reviews Mar 2015
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    PSP NobleQ

    EQ Plug‑in

    PSP’s latest equaliser seeks to combine analogue smoothness with digital precision.

    Reviews Jan 2012
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    PSP 608 Multidelay

    Delay-based Effects Plug-in [Mac/PC]

    PSP's latest plug-in covers the spectrum from vintage tape-echo emulation to serious weirdness.

    Reviews May 2006
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    Plug-in Folder

    Latest Plug-ins Reviewed

    We test and report on another crop of highly insertable software Plug-ins: PSP Master Q • TLL Everyphase • Fabfilter Fabfilter One • Cranesong Phoenix • Audiorealism BassLine • Sonic Charge µTonic.

    Reviews Jun 2004
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    Plug-in Folder

    Disco DSP Discovery 2 • Cutter Music Revitar • Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series • PSP Easyverb

    Brief appraisals of another selection of software Plug-ins from Disco DSP, Cutter Music, Kjaerhus Audio and PSP.

    Reviews Mar 2004
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