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    Steinberg RND Portico

    EQ & Compressor Plug-ins

    After much hard work, Yamaha and Steinberg persuaded Rupert Neve that they could faithfully model his latest hardware in plug-in form. We pit the virtual Porticos against the real things...

    Reviews Dec 2011
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    Steinberg RND Portico | Media

    EQ & Compressor Plug-ins

    Audio files to accompany the article.

    Reviews Dec 2011
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    Steinberg Halion Sonic

    Virtual Sound Module

    Steinberg's new sound module software features a rich sound library, a powerful synth engine and the benefit of parent company Yamaha's workstation wisdom...

    Reviews Jan 2011
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    Spyware Doctor; Cubase 4's Preset Management; Golden ASET

    PC Notes

    Cubase 4's new preset-management system falls under the PC Notes spotlight this month, as does an update to a recommended spyware-protection utility and an eye-catching yet cost-effective soft synth...

    Techniques Jun 2007
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    Steinberg Virtual Bassist

    Bass Player VST Instrument [PC/Mac]

    Looking for a new bass player? If you'd consider a software candidate, Steinberg's Virtual Bassist is now ready for audition...

    Reviews Sep 2005
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    Using Your Sequencer's Filter Plug-ins


    Filters are at the heart of many of the weirder sequencer plug-ins, so here we check out what each one has to offer, and how you can obtain weird and wonderful sounds for your mixes.

    Techniques Oct 2003
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    Using Your Plug-in Delay Effects

    Sequencer Delay Masterclass

    Although delay can be one of the most simple studio effects, software delay plug-ins often provide a bewildering array of options. So we take a look at what all the sliders and switches do, and provide advice on how best to use them.

    Techniques Jul 2003
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    Using Plug-ins

    Routing & Ordering Of Plug-ins For Recording/Mixing Tasks

    The flexibility of the effects assignment in modern MIDI + Audio sequencers (DAWs) can be daunting, so here's some advice on how to sort out the routing and order of your plug-ins for common recording and mixing tasks.

    Techniques Feb 2002
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