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    Eventide UltraTap Delay

    Formats: Mac & PC VST & AAX; Mac AU

    UltraTap delay was an algorithm in Eventide's H9 processor, but it has now become available as a plug-in in its own right.

    Reviews Oct 2017
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    Eventide UltraTap delay plug-in out now

    H9 algorithm makes the jump to the DAW

    With the H9 Harmonizer, Eventide managed to design a guitar stompbox that may never become obsolete. Less a pedal...

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    Eventide reveal UltraTap plug-in - Summer NAMM

    Delay/reverb algorithm migrates from H9 pedal to DAW

    At yesterday’s Summer NAMM show, we got a quick look at Eventide’s UltraTap plug-in, a DAW-based version of the company’s UltraTap algorithm used on their H9 pedal...

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    Eventide Fission

    Structural Effects Plug-in

    What does Eventide’s “new method for processing audio” offer that we don’t already have in our plug-in folders?

    Reviews Jun 2017
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    Eventide Fission is first of company's 'Structural Effects'

    New plug-in lets you manipulate audio in strange new ways

    Industry veterans Eventide have released a brand new plug-in called Fission — a unique multi-...

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