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    AudioEase Indoor

    Convolution Reverb For Post-production

    With yachts, SUVs and auto garages on the menu, Indoor is not your ordinary reverb.

    Reviews Oct 2017
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    Eventide UltraTap Delay

    Formats: Mac & PC VST & AAX; Mac AU

    UltraTap delay was an algorithm in Eventide's H9 processor, but it has now become available as a plug-in in its own right.

    Reviews Oct 2017
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    McDSP EC300

    Delay Plug-in [Mac]

    McDSP’s tasty echo presents a mouth-watering trio of vintage delay styles, with a side order of freakiness.

    Reviews Sep 2017
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    Exponential Audio R4

    Reverb Plug-in

    Exponential Audio have hot-rodded their ‘character’ reverb, and the results are even more characterful!

    Reviews Jul 2017
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    Eventide Fission

    Structural Effects Plug-in

    What does Eventide’s “new method for processing audio” offer that we don’t already have in our plug-in folders?

    Reviews Jun 2017
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    Peavey ReValver 4

    Guitar Amp & FX Modelling Software

    The latest iteration of Peavey’s modelling software not only allows you to build your own virtual guitar amps, but to ‘profile’ real ones.

    Reviews Apr 2017
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