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    Eddie Bazil

    Creative Tools For Beats, Sequences & Mixes | Podcast

    Five Practical Examples

    Eddie Bazil dives into some of his favourite plug-ins and delivers a series of examples on how to use these tools creatively.

    Techniques Sep 2023
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    David Mellor

    Gain Staging - Episode 4 | Podcast

    Using Plug-ins during Mixing and Mastering stages

    In this fourth and final episode, David Mellor delves into Gain Staging your plug-ins and how to avoid clipping during the mixing and mastering stages.

    Techniques Aug 2023
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    Tony Ni from Soundtoys

    Soundtoys Mixing Workflow | Podcast

    Behind The Brand

    Tony Ni from Soundtoys sits down with Sam Inglis to discuss his mixing workflow and to explain how he uses core Soundtoys plug-ins to achieve his sound.

    Techniques Jul 2022
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    Eddie Bazil - Production Engineer

    Sound Design Using Filters | Podcast

    Six Creative Techniques

    Eddie Bazil gives six sound design tips, using various plug-in filters to create unique instrument sounds and to add interest and movement to mixes.

    Techniques May 2022
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    Eddie Bazil - Production Engineer

    Using Vocoder Plug-ins | Podcast

    Six Creative Techniques

    Vocoders are not just for vocals. In this episode, Eddie Bazil talks about the various vocoder plug-in options and demonstrates six creative techniques.

    Techniques Jan 2022
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    Paul White - Executive Editor

    Creative Use Of Auto-Tune | Podcast

    7 Tips For Creating Soundscapes

    Paul White explains the basics of Auto-Tune and demonstrates 7 tips to help you create a variety of alternative textured soundscapes.

    Techniques Jul 2021
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    Eddie Bazil of Samplecraze

    Using Dynamic EQ | Podcast

    Expert Production Tips

    Eddie Bazil takes us through some of the different uses for Dynamic EQ, including enhancing drums and vocals and separating elements within a mix.

    Techniques Jun 2021
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    Eddie Bazil - Tutor

    Using Delay Effects | Podcast

    Expert Production Tips

    Eddie Bazil of Samplecraze explores the various ways that delay effects can be used and applies these techniques to a finished composition.

    Techniques May 2021
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    Eddie Bazil - Production Engineer

    Using Phaser Effects | Podcast

    Expert Production Tips

    Eddie Bazil gives us an introduction into the creative use of Phasers, with practical examples using drums, vocals and synth pads.

    Techniques Apr 2021
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    Mike Senior Recording & Mixing Podcast logo

    What Are Haas Delays & How Do I Best Use Them? | Podcast

    Expert Tracking & Mixing Tips

    Mike Senior explores the subject of Haas delays at mixdown, explaining how they work, how to get the best out of them, and how to avoid the most common traps associated with them.

    Techniques Jul 2020
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    Media Content - April 2016

    Audio files to accompany our articles

    A directory of all media pages that hold the associated media files for April 2016 audio examples.

    Techniques Apr 2016
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    Pitch-Correcting Vocals With Melodyne

    How To Craft A Pro-Sounding Result

    Pitch correction of vocal parts is now commonplace in all but a few genres. Find out how to craft a professional-sounding result.

    Techniques Jul 2013
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    Pitch-correcting Vocals With Melodyne | Media

    Perfect Your Vocals With Melodyne

    Audio files to accompany the article.

    Techniques Jul 2013
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    Plug-in Modelling: How Industry Experts Do It

    Emulating Hardware In Software

    Have you ever wondered exactly what goes on when classic hardware is recreated in plug-in form? Heres the full story from some of the industrys biggest names.

    Techniques Aug 2010
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    Creating Your Own Audio Plug-ins


    There are lots of reasons why you might want to write your own VST plug-ins. The learning curve can be steep, but there are development environments out there that can help. We take you through the options.

    Techniques Sep 2009
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    Managing iLok Plug-in Licences

    Sound Advice

    There can't be many Pro Tools users left who have not had to invest in an iLok key in order to run their favourite plug-ins. But did you know that you can insure, transfer and even buy and sell iLok plug-in licences electronically? Find out more...

    Techniques Nov 2005
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    AUPitch: Better Pitch-shifting?

    Logic Tips & Techniques

    The new Tiger AUPitch plug-in promises better pitch-shifting performance, but does it deliver in practice?

    Techniques Oct 2005
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    Using Your Sequencer's Filter Plug-ins


    Filters are at the heart of many of the weirder sequencer plug-ins, so here we check out what each one has to offer, and how you can obtain weird and wonderful sounds for your mixes.

    Techniques Oct 2003
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    Using Your Plug-in Delay Effects

    Sequencer Delay Masterclass

    Although delay can be one of the most simple studio effects, software delay plug-ins often provide a bewildering array of options. So we take a look at what all the sliders and switches do, and provide advice on how best to use them.

    Techniques Jul 2003
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    Using Plug-ins

    Routing & Ordering Of Plug-ins For Recording/Mixing Tasks

    The flexibility of the effects assignment in modern MIDI + Audio sequencers (DAWs) can be daunting, so here's some advice on how to sort out the routing and order of your plug-ins for common recording and mixing tasks.

    Techniques Feb 2002
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