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    Q. Which vocoder plug-ins can I use in Digital Performer?

    I am interested in purchasing a vocoder plug‑in. I am currently running Digital Performer v2.7 on a 450MHz...

    Sound Advice Dec 2000
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    Using Plug-ins

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Caught between TDM, MAS, DirectX and VST? Tangled up in virtual inserts and aux sends? Never fear! Resident Plug-in guru Paul White is here to answer all your most common question, and to help you get the most from software audio processing.

    Sound Advice Oct 2000
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    Managing Your PC Plug-ins More Effectively

    Tips & Tricks

    There are now hundreds of software processing plug-ins available to PC musicians, but they come in various types and each behaves slightly differently. Martin Walker examines the various ways to install, manage and automate them, and the problems involved in managing presets.

    Sound Advice Jun 2000
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