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    McDSP founder Colin McDowell

    McDSP - Analog Processing Box | Podcast

    20 Years Of Plug-in Development

    McDSP founder Colin McDowell chats to Sam Inglis about his career at the cutting edge of plug-in development.

    Music Business Sep 2022
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    Nuno Fonseca of Sound Particles

    Sound Particles | Podcast

    Behind The Brand

    Nuno Fonseca of Sound Particles talks about their rapid rise in the film and audio industry and how they are using their sound particle plug-in technology to bring exciting new options to sound design and audio recording.

    Music Business Aug 2022
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    NUGEN Audio: How A Plug-in Is Made

    The Back Story To Paragon

    Developing a new plug‑in is never straightforward. We go behind the scenes to follow the process from idea to finished product.

    Music Business Nov 2020
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    Softube: Modelling Hardware In Software

    Oscar Öberg, Arvid Rosén & Niklas Odelholm

    Ever wondered how plug-in companies recreate classic outboard gear in your DAW? We take a peek into Softube's modelling lab to find out.

    Music Business Jun 2019
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