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    Softube Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959

    Amp-modelling Plug-in

    Originally developed for the UAD platform and available now in native format, this plug-in's modelled signal chain includes a period-correct Marshall 4x12 and miking courtesy of UK engineer Tony Platt.

    Reviews May 2020
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    Softube Weiss DS1

    Dynamics Plug-in

    Daniel Weiss' hardware helped convert mastering engineers to the joys of digital processing. Is it still equally desirable in plug-in format?

    Reviews May 2019
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    Softube launch Harmonics dynamic distortion plug-in

    New plug-in designed to add distortion while preserving dynamics

    According to Softube, Harmonics takes a new approach to handling dynamics. It listens and analyses the audio, preserving detail and dynamics, even after heavy distortion has been applied...

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    Softube reveal mastering plug-ins and Cubase Console 1 integration

    Revered digital compressor/limiter/de-esser released as plug-in

    Softube have launched a plug-in version of the Weiss DS1-MK3, a revered digital hardware mastering processor

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    Softube Drawmer 1973 & S73 IMP

    Multiband Dynamics Plug-ins

    As well as modelling Drawmer’s versatile multiband mastering processor, Softube have boiled down its essentials to create an easy-to-use preset version.

    Reviews Jun 2016
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