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    UA Capitol Chambers, 175B & 176

    Plug-ins For UAD2 System

    Universal Audio continue to tempt UAD2 owners with officially licensed recreations of classic equipment — and rooms!

    Reviews Oct 2019
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    Polyverse Music Comet

    Reverb Plug-in

    The aim of most reverb plug-ins is to emulate something else, whether that be the sound of a real acoustic space, a vintage...

    Reviews Aug 2019
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    Eventide Instant Flanger MkII

    Modulation Plug-in

    Hot on the heels of the Instant Phaser MkII, Eventide have released an update to their Instant Flanger plug-in.

    Reviews Jul 2019
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    Valhalla Delay

    Delay Plug-in

    With seven different flavours of echo on tap, this is one seriously versatile delay plug-in.

    Reviews Jul 2019
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    Numerical Audio RE-1 Tape Machine

    Tape Emulation Plug-in For iOS

    Numerical Audio will probably be known to keen iOS recordists through developer Kai Aras' earlier apps such as RP‑1 and...

    Reviews Jun 2019
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    Eventide Instant Phaser MkII

    Formats: Mac & PC VST & AAX; Mac AU

    Eventide have long offered a plug-in version of their 1972 Instant Phaser hardware, and now they've revisited it to add both new capabilities and the ability to 'age' the circuity by introducing modelled component value drift.

    Reviews Apr 2019
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    Kush GoldPlate

    Formats: Mac & PC VST & AAX; Mac AU

    This plate reverb emulation combines Relab's algorithmic reverberation tail technology with Kush's expertise in harmonic shaping and compression.

    Reviews Feb 2019
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    Rare Signals Transatlantic Plate Reverb

    Formats: Mac & PC VST & AAX; Mac AU

    Rare Signals are new players in the plug-in market, and Transatlantic Plate Reverb is their first product.

    Reviews Feb 2019
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    Overloud Audio Tools THU - NAMM 2019

    Evolution of the TH3 guitar amp simulation plug-in with many new features: 15 new amplifiers, including...

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