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    Klevgränd Slammer

    More percussion from Klevgränd

    Slammer combines drums and household objects

    Slammer combines traditional drum-kit elements with the sound of household objects being abused.

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    Spitfire Audio Raven Bush - Moonglades

    Plug-in Instrument

    Rating: **** 4/5 Stars. Moonglades provides the user with a modest number of distinctive sounds that can be modified to a limited but useful degree via very simple controls.

    Reviews Nov 2020
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    VSL Big Bang Orchestra

    Sample Libraries

    The Viennese maestros go intergalactic with their full-scale orchestra range.

    Reviews Sep 2020
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    Ilio release pop-themed Omnisphere patch library

    Modern Pop replicates contemporary pop synth tones

    Ilio have now followed up their inaugural Fame Series library with Modern Pop, which they describe as “a collection of radio-ready synth patches”.

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    Weaponiser aims to make weapon sound design easier

    Save 30% on sound design engine until Feb 28

    Weapon sounds are some of the most used effects in film and games, and are also some of the most...

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    Noiiz offers unlimited samples/presets with cloud-synced plug-in

    Subscription service gives access to $10,000 of samples for 9.99 per month

    Noiiz is a new cloud-based subscription platform for music producers launching July 4th, that will offer subscribers...

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    UVI Falcon


    Falcon features a DAW-style mixer with up to 17 pairs of outputs, and supports UVI sound libraries (of which there are many), so one of its functions is to act as a sample library player.

    Reviews Jun 2016
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    Sample Shop | Media

    Audio to accompany the reviews

    These files accompany the Sample Shop articles in the April 2016 issue of SOS.

    Reviews Apr 2016
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    Media Content - April 2016

    Audio files to accompany our articles

    A directory of all media pages that hold the associated media files for April 2016 audio examples.

    Techniques Apr 2016
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    Sample Logic's Morphestra 2 virtual instrument

    Sample Logic launch Morphestra 2

    Morphing virtual instrument is ideal for film, TV and game composers

    Award-winning sample library company Sample Logic, in association with Kirk Hunter Studios, is proud to announce...

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    MOTU Ethno

    World Music Software Instrument [Mac/PC]

    This new software instrument majors on lively and evocative loops and phrases that can be flexibly combined to create convincing world-music atmospheres.

    Reviews Dec 2006
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    East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs

    Kompakt Instrument [Mac/PC]

    Ever fancied arranging 'Oops, I Did It Again' for a full choir? Well now you can, courtesy of Symphonic Choirs, the latest virtual-instrument sample library from East West and Quantum Leap.

    Reviews Nov 2005
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    The Sound Guy: SFX Machine RT

    Plug-In Folder

    This Adobe Premiere plug-in has now been ported to two different real-time plug-in formats: VST (for Mac OS 9, OS X and Windows) and Apple's new Audio Unit standard (for OS X).

    Reviews Jul 2003
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