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    Amazing Noises' Grainscanner for Ableton Live and Max for Live.

    Amazing Noises offer affordable granular & resynthesis tech

    10-voice granular synth and resynthesizer for Ableton Live out now

    Super-affordable 10-voice resynthesizer and polyphonic granular synth for Ableton Live 10.1 now available!

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    Reason 11, the first version of the much-loved software production environment to be launched since the parent company changed its name, will shortly be available in three versions.

    Propellerhead become Reason Studios...

    ...and launch three versions of Reason 11, including a DAW-compatible plug-in version!

    Propellerhead are dead... long live Reason Studios! And Reason 11 will be launched shortly...

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    Buy any of these (and various other) Alesis controller keyboards... and get Avid software, including a special Alesis Edition of Pro Tools First, for free.

    Buy Alesis keys, get Pro Tools free

    Buyers of Alesis controller keyboards can now add Avid software bundles for nothing

    Buyers of Alesis controller keyboards can now add some Avid software for nothing, including an Alesis Edition of Pro Tools First.

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