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Preamps / Channel Strips

If you are looking for 19" rackmount or 500-series Mic Preamps, or Preamplier plug-ins, Voice Channels and all manner of Channel Strips, you will find the Sound On Sound web articles collected here.

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    Black Lion Audio Auteur DT

    Microphone Preamplifier & DI

    There’s more to this desktop preamp than turning up your mic!

    Reviews . Jun 2023
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    KIT Plugins BB N73

    Preamp & EQ Plug-in

    KIT’s latest collaboration with Blackbird Studio brings us their take on the Neve 1073.

    Reviews May 2023
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    Warm Audio WA-MPX & WA-2MPX

    Valve Microphone Preamplifiers

    Countless hits were recorded using Ampex tape recorders and their characterful tube input stages. These preamps promise that legendary sound in a convenient format.

    Reviews Apr 2023
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    Audient EVO SP8

    Mic Preamp & ADAT Expander

    Audient’s EVO ecosystem grows further with an unusually intelligent ADAT expander!

    Reviews . Mar 2023
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    Caveman Audio BP1 & BP1 Compact

    Bass Preamplifiers

    The BP1 and BP1 Compact are superb bass guitar preamplifiers in a pedal format.

    Reviews Mar 2023
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    Caveman Audio AP1

    Acoustic Instrument Preamplifier

    If you play acoustic instruments with piezo pickups and require the very best amplification, the AP1 is a serious contender.

    Reviews Oct 2022
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    Golden Age Premier Pre-73 Jr & EQ-73

    Microphone Preamplifier & Equaliser

    Golden Age’s new Premier series of Neve‑inspired devices get even closer to the real thing.

    Reviews Sep 2022
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    Neve 88M audio interface front panel

    Neve 88M

    USB Audio Interface & Dual Mic Preamp

    The 88M packs the sound of a Neve console preamp into a compact audio interface.

    Reviews Sep 2022
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    Electric & Company EC3

    Valve Microphone Preamplifier

    This versatile preamp offers Ampex attitude in abundance!

    Reviews Aug 2022
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    Focusrite Clarett+ Octopre

    Multichannel Mic Preamp & A-D/D-A Converter

    Twenty years on, the Octopre concept remains as strong as ever.

    Reviews Jul 2022
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    Hazelrigg Industries VLC

    Mic Preamp & EQ

    This versatile input channel gives you the classic sound of tubes, transformers and inductors.

    Reviews May 2022
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    Tierra Audio Flavours | Audio

    Hear For Yourself!

    SOS April 2022

    Tierra Audio Flavours

    Audio Captions

    Neil Rogers


    Reviews Apr 2022
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    Tierra Audio Flavours

    Inline Booster Preamps

    Clean‑gain ‘booster’ preamps are popular accessories for ribbon and moving‑coil dynamic mics — but what if that gain were deliberately made more characterful?

    Reviews Apr 2022
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    KIT Plugins BB N105

    Channel Strip Plug-in

    This classy console emulation from newcomers KIT puts Blackbird Studios’ Neve in your DAW.

    Reviews Mar 2022
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    Royer Labs dBooster2

    Inline Microphone & Instrument Preamplifier

    Not content with having created arguably the world’s best preamp booster, Royer’s boffins decided to make it better.

    Reviews Feb 2022
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    Black Rooster Omnitec-67A

    Analogue-modelled Vintage Preamp Plug-in

    The 67A adds some useful features to a nice Altec valve preamp emulation.

    Reviews Jan 2022
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    Bad Dogs P1

    500-series Microphone Preamplifier

    Ever fancied trying different output transformers in your mic preamp? Then check out the P1...

    Reviews Oct 2021
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    H2 Audio Helios 2128 Preamp & 5011 EQ | Audio

    Hear For Yourself!

    The audio files available on this page accompany my review of the...

    Reviews Sep 2021
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    H2 Audio Helios 2128 Preamp & 5011 EQ

    500-series Modules

    H2 aim to put the legendary sound of Olympic Studios in your 500‑series rack.

    Reviews Sep 2021
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    Heritage Audio BritStrip

    Analogue Channel Strip

    Could this modern spin on a classic British trio be the perfect analogue front end?

    Reviews Sep 2021
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    EBS Stanley Clarke Signature

    Acoustic Instrument Preamplifier

    Is this the perfect partner for acoustic bass?

    Reviews May 2021


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