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Preamps / Channel Strips

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    Universal Audio OX

    Guitar Speaker Emulation System

    Don’t have a great-sounding room? Can’t turn your amp up to get the sounds you want? Want to turn down your speaker without sacrificing your tube amp’s tonality? Maybe this changes everything...

    Reviews Sep 2018
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    UA API Vision Channel Strip

    Channel Strip Plug-in For UAD2

    The latest of many hardware emulations from Universal Audio reproduces a complete API channel strip in your DAW.

    Reviews Mar 2014
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    Universal Audio 4710d

    Multi-channel Preamplifier, Compressor & A-D Converter

    We check out this eight-channel preamp and A-D converter, the first four channels of which feature a solid-state/tube hybrid mic preamp based on the company's Twinfinity 710 and a compressor derived from their ever-popular 1176.

    Reviews Oct 2011
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    Universal Audio UAD 4K Plug-ins

    Software Channel Strip & Dynamics Processor

    Just in case the line-up of plug-ins available for the UAD cards wasnt tempting enough already, Universal Audio have now added emulations of classic SSL hardware.

    Reviews Aug 2009
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    Universal Audio Twin-finity 710

    Hybrid Microphone Preamplifier

    Which is best, tube or solid state? When it comes to investing in a preamp, thats a question you may no longer need to ask...

    Reviews Apr 2009
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    Universal Audio DCS Remote Preamp

    Dual Preamp & Cue Mixer

    This unusual new preamp from UA is designed to make life easier, both for the recordist and 'the talent'.

    Reviews Feb 2008
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    Universal Audio Solo 110 & 610

    Microphone Preamps

    The Solo 110 and Solo 610 are a pair of high-quality, no-frills preamps — one solid-state, the other valve.

    Reviews Sep 2006
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    Universal Audio LA610

    Recording Channel

    Two classic designs — the 610 preamp and LA2A compressor — are combined for the first time in this attractive new reissue.

    Reviews Sep 2005
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