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Preamps / Channel Strips

If you are looking for 19" rackmount or 500-series Mic Preamps, or Preamplier plug-ins, Voice Channels and all manner of Channel Strips, you will find the Sound On Sound web articles collected here.

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    Fredenstein HD Mic Pre

    500-series Microphone Preamplifier

    This preamp boasts huge bandwidth and input impedance. But are those features desirable?

    Reviews Feb 2016
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    Rupert Neve Designs Shelford 5051 & 5052

    Compressor and Mic Preamp

    These classy modules bring the best of Mr Neve’s classic designs into the 21st century.

    Reviews Aug 2015
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    Radial Engineering PreMax

    500-series Preamp & EQ

    With two thirds of a Radial channel strip available at this price, is there anything not to like?

    Reviews Apr 2015
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    Radial Engineering PreComp

    500-series Preamp & Compressor

    This innocent-looking combination of preamp and compressor holds a useful surprise up it’s sleeve...

    Reviews Feb 2015
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    DACS Clarity MicAmp 500

    500-series Microphone Preamplifier

    DACS reformatted this classic preamp in 2011 to fit the API 500 series ‘Lunchbox’ modular format but it's only now that Hugh has found time to check it out.

    Reviews Jul 2013
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    Ocean Audio 500 Series.

    Ocean Audio 500 Series

    Mic Preamp, EQ & Routing Modules

    Malcolm Toft’s latest brainchild enables you to turn your 500-series racks and modules into a fully modular analogue console.

    Reviews Jul 2013
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    Chandler Little Devil 500-series preamp.

    Chandler Little Devil Preamp

    500-series Mic, Line & Instrument Preamplifier

    Chandler's Little Devil preamp takes the warmth and mangling side of things to another level.

    Reviews Dec 2012
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    Neve 88R LB

    500-series Mic Preamp

    The preamp from Neve’s “ultimate analogue console” is now available ‘to go’...

    Reviews Nov 2012
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    AEA RPQ500

    500-series Preamplifier & EQ

    Matt Houghton takes a look at this preamp that's much more than just a preamp.

    Reviews Aug 2012
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    Neve 1073LB & 1073LB EQ

    500-series Microphone Preamplifier & Equaliser

    Neve’s venerable 1073 preamp and equaliser are both now available in API’s popular ‘Lunchbox’ format. Were they worth waiting for?

    Reviews Dec 2011


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