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Preamps / Channel Strips

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    Rupert Neve: The SOS Interview (Video)

    Video Feature

    In this month's video interview  we meet a living legend of the audio industry, Mr Rupert Neve himself. Over 25 minutes, we talk transformers, software modelling, and get the story of how he created the world's first high-Q equaliser.

    People Oct 2015
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    MC AudioLab MP1 & OC1

    Microphone Preamplifier & Compressor

    There’s more to MC AudioLab’s new 500-series modules than their funky fuchsia facades...

    Reviews Apr 2015
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    Fredenstein Preamplifier & Compressor

    Artistic Series

    These neat little modules offer far better performance than you’d expect at this price. Is there anything not to like?

    Reviews Mar 2015
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