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Preamps / Channel Strips

If you are looking for 19" rackmount or 500-series Mic Preamps, or Preamplier plug-ins, Voice Channels and all manner of Channel Strips, you will find the Sound On Sound web articles collected here.

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    Q. How is constant loudness maintained when balancing the Mid and Sides channels?

    I have a question regarding the Grace Design m201 mic preamp, and specifically its Mid-Sides matrix rotary switch, which...

    Sound Advice Sep 2018
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    Q. How do I prevent my preamp overloading my audio interface?

    I purchased two Grace Design m201 mic preamps but I’m having trouble understanding how the m201 A‑D converter works...

    Sound Advice Apr 2018
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    Grace Design m108

    Remote-controlled Mic Preamp & A-D Converter

    With remote control, USB audio interfacing and the sublime sonic performance for which Grace are known, the m108 doesn’t disappoint!

    Reviews Jan 2017
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    Grace Design Felix

    Acoustic Instrument Preamp & Blender

    Grace have long been associated with sublime studio preamps — and now you can take that superlative sound with you on stage.

    Reviews Oct 2015
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    Grace Design M103

    Recording Channel Strip

    Should you build outboard gear to do the job as well as possible, or to meet a price point? Grace Design prefer to do the former, and it seems to be a philosophy that pays off...

    Reviews Mar 2011
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    Grace Design M201

    Microphone Preamplifier

    Regular readers will know that our Technical Editor isn't prone to excessive use of hyperbole — so when he calls a product "awesome", "stunning" and "sublime", it's probably time to sit up and take notice...

    Reviews Jan 2009
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    Grace Design Model 101

    Mic Preamp

    Some mic preamps are renowned for their flattery of the recorded signal, but this high-spec single-channel unit proudly aspires to cleanliness and neutrality, translating the character of your performances and microphones with the utmost fidelity.

    Reviews May 2006
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