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Preamps / Channel Strips

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    Big Bear Audio launch MP1 ‘Colour’ Preamp

    Stylish Class-A preamp uses Colour modules from DIYRE

    London-based manufacturers Big Bear Audio recently announced a pair of interesting 500-series mic preamps, the MP1...

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    DACS Clarity MicAmp2

    Dual-channel Microphone Preamplifier

    Given the continually evolving and demanding pressures of the pro-audio industry, any product which remains available and largely unchanged for more than a decade must have arrived at a near-perfect combination of technical excellence, operational usability, reliability, and price.

    Reviews Nov 2016
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    Slate Digital Virtual Microphone System

    Microphone, Preamp & Modelling Software

    Can this unique combination of software and hardware really recreate the sound of some of the most revered microphones in the world? We put the VMS up against the originals to find out!

    Reviews Nov 2016
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    Slate Digital VMS: Classic Mic Shoot-Out

    Video Feature

    Rather than just trying it out on a few sessions, the team at SOS decided that this review would be a great excuse to pitch the VMS against some of the actual microphones that it claims to model.

    Reviews Nov 2016
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