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Preamps / Channel Strips

If you are looking for 19" rackmount or 500-series Mic Preamps, or Preamplier plug-ins, Voice Channels and all manner of Channel Strips, you will find the Sound On Sound web articles collected here.

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    Amek System 9098

    Dual Mic Amp

    Pro quality at an affordable price? Hugh Robjohns inspects a preamp with a prestigious name.

    Reviews Jul 1997
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    TL Audio Crimson PA 3001

    Mic Preamp

    Richard Waghorn tests the TL Audio PA3001 alongside some of the best mic preamps available and discovers a good combination of price and performance.

    Reviews Apr 1997
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    Drawmer 1962

    Digital Vacuum Tube Preamp

    Drawmer's 1960 series leaps into the digital age with the launch of the 1962, which combines a specially designed low-noise preamp, variable tube coloration and audio-sweetening tools with an optional 24-bit output stage. Paul White celebrates the year of the tube.

    Reviews Mar 1997
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    DBX Model 760X

    Microphone Amplifier

    Thinking of buying a new microphone? Maybe you should consider investing in a dedicated mic preamp instead, to improve the clarity and definition of your recordings without breaking the bank. Dominic Hawken plugs in the mic he likes and checks out the new contender from dbx

    Reviews Mar 1997
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    Audio Toys Inc 8MX2


    Hugh Robjohns takes a look at yet another studio unit designed to partner the new generation of digital 8-tracks, this time from a company new to the UK market.

    Reviews Feb 1997
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    Focusrite Green

    Dual Mic Preamp

    Some mic preamps are used for the audible effect they produce on recordings, while others are chosen simply to amplify your mic signals as cleanly as possible. Paul White checks out at the third unit in Focusrite's affordable Green range, and finds a quality mic amplifier that falls into the latter category...

    Reviews Feb 1997
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    ART Pro MPA & Dual MP

    Tube Mic Preamps

    ART have followed up their single-channel Tube MP valve mic preamp by developing two more tube designs for both the project studio owner and the audio professional. Paul White huddles round to warm his signals...

    Reviews Sep 1996
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    Digitech VTP1

    Valve Mic Preamp

    Digitech's VTP1 seeks to outpace the competition in the crowded valve mic preamp market by offering built-in 4-band EQ and a digital output. Paul White sees how it runs...

    Reviews Aug 1996
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    Rolls RP220 & ADB3

    Mic Preamp & DI Box

    Paul White checks out a couple of all-valve front ends to see whether eliminating solid-state circuitry really makes a difference.

    Reviews May 1996
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    SPL MikeMan

    Mic Preamp

    There's more to building a serious mic front end than putting a standard circuit in a flashy box. Fortunately, SPL's circuit design is even more impressive than their custom anodised front panels, as Paul White discovers.

    Reviews Jan 1996
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    LA Audio MX2

    Mic Preamp

    Paul White tries to establish whether a separate mic preamp really does make a difference, using the MX2, the latest in the LA Audio Lite range of signal processors.

    Reviews Nov 1995
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    ART Tube MP

    Tube Mic Preamp

    Until now, musicians wanting to add that distinctive valve sound to their recordings have had to beg, borrow, or steal to do it. At a mere £149, ART's new tube mic preamp looks set to change all that. Paul White checks it out.

    Reviews Oct 1995
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    Fletcher Electroacoustics Joe Meek Voice Channel

    Mic Amp/Compressor/Enhancer

    Fletcher ElectroAcoustics' Voice Channel is a modern reincarnation of a vintage classic compressor, repackaged with a high-spec mic amp and an enhancer.

    Reviews Sep 1995
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    TLA Dual

    Mic Preamp/DI Box

    Paul White tries out the new TLA Preamp/DI box, which combines leading edge solid-state technology with vintage tubes in an attempt to offer the best of both worlds.

    Reviews Aug 1995
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    Tech 21 Sansamp PSA1

    Guitar Amp Simulator

    Paul White plays axe hooligan for a day with the Sansamp PSA1.

    Reviews Jul 1995
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    SPL EQ Magix

    Mic Preamp/Equaliser

    SPL have combined their Vitalizer circuitry with a powerful parametric/notch filter and added a low-noise mic preamp to create an extraordinary audio toolbox. Paul White takes the lid off and looks inside.

    Reviews May 1995
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    Aphex 107

    Dual-channel Thermionic Mic Preamp

    Paul White compares his console mic amps to the new Aphex Model 107 Tube Mic preamp and finds some interesting differences.

    Reviews Apr 1995
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    Marshall DRP1

    Direct Recording Guitar Preamp

    Axe heroes wanting that classic Marshall stack sound without the bulk should check out this floor-mounting DI unit. Paul White put his foot down.

    Reviews Dec 1994
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    Mesa Engineering V-twin

    Guitar Preamp Footpedal

    Want that Mesa Boogie guitar sound for a fraction of the usual price — and from a foot pedal? Vic Lennard plugs in his trusty Strat...

    Reviews Jun 1994


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